The Fight For The Civil Right For African Americans Essay

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The 60s were the years were the fight for the civil right for African Americans was at its peak, sit-ins were regularly used by congress for racial equality such as CORE and SCLC. The sit in that occurred on February 1,1960, at Woolworth’s i Greensboro, North Carolina was made by four African American college students, Ezell A. Blair, Jr., Franklin E. McCain, Joseph McNeil, and David L. Richmond, when the sat at a counter lunch, and politely asked for lunch. Their request was denied because the counter had a strict “whites only” policy. They were asked to leave, but the four young adults refused to do so. Even though they were beaten up several times by white people their passive resistance and peaceful Sit-down demand helped ignite a youth led movement to challenge racial inequality throughout the South, and was a contributing factor for the SNCC to be created.

Another key person that fought for African Americans’ civil rights was Ella baker born in 1903 in Norfolk, Virginia, she became involved in political activism in the 1930s. She organized the Young Negroes Cooperative League in New York City, and later became a national director for the NAACP. In 1957, Baker joined the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, whose first president was Martin Luther King, Jr. She also worked with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee to support civil rights activism on college campuses. Baker died in New York City in 1986.

The federal government did not get involved into…

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