The Fifth Sense By Malcolm Crowe Essay

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In the film, The Sixth Sense, Dr. Malcolm Crowe is a well-renowned child psychologist on the brink of fame. One night, while at home with his wife, an old patient of Crowe’s broke into their home and cornered the couple in their bedroom. The patient (Vincent Grey) accused Crowe of failing him. Grey then shot the psychologist and himself. After this traumatic incident, Crowe stumbled upon a case involving a young boy by the name of Cole Sear. Crowe’s intrigue in the case spiked as he discovered striking similarities between Sear and Grey.
The film proceeds and audiences watch as Crowe struggles to fix his biggest mistake through this new patient. Cole is frequently bullied in school which makes him wary of confiding in others. However, through careful persistence by Crowe, Cole ends up warming up to his new psychologist. Cole finally tells Crowe his deepest secret: he sees dead people. Dr. Crowe originally diagnoses Cole as delusional, but eventually comes to realize that Cole does “see dead people.”
Cole shows aggression in several different ways throughout the film. The first being retaliatory aggression. One day while he is at school, Cole gets into an argument with his teacher. He tells his teacher that the school building used to be an old courthouse and people were hung there. His teacher tells him that this is untrue, and an argument ensues while the rest of the class watches. Cole escalates things and begins yelling at his teacher, shouting a name that has haunted…

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