The Fifth Child Essay

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The Fifth Child Notes
Pages 1-10:
● Harriet and David met at an office party at which both of them were the odd ones out. They were seen in a different light than the rest, “conservative”, “old-fashioned”, “obsolescent”, “timid, hard to please”. (Pg 3)
● The office party was held because it was the end of the year. It was comprised of two hundred people crammed into a room each from one of three firms that all have to do with putting up buildings.
● Women were dressed extravagantly and “bizarre” pleading for attention. “Look at me” (Pg 3)
● Harriet and David were standing on the side, alone. They were “observers” watching all the others in the room dance and interact. They both inferred that the faces of the dancers could have been joyful or
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She went to college and became a graphic designer.
● David’s parents got divorced when he was seven, and he joked about it. He lived in Oxford with his mother and her husband, Frederick Burke. (description of his home on page 7)
● David wanted his children to have a different life. He didn’t want them to live like him. (description of the life he wanted on page 8)
● He and Harriet found a “large Victorian house” they wanted to live in with plenty of room for children. (Pg 8) Both of them wanted a lot of children. (description of house on page 9)
● They decided to work for two years before having kids in order to afford the house and the kids.
● As they toured their new house they entered into the master bedroom and had a lot of sex. Harriet wanted to stop because of their plan, but David didn’t care. He just wanted to have sex with her and to “take possession of the future in her”. (Pg 10)
● After they had sex, David completely changed. “She felt like she did not know him” (Pg 10)
Pages 11-20
● Things slowly went back to normal. The bad news was Harriet was pregnant, and they were not going to be able to afford it all.
● David refused to take money from his wealthy

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