Essay on The Field Of Occupational Therapy

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I believe that I am a well-qualified candidate for a position within the field of occupational therapy predicated upon several interests in my life that have held imperative value: a strong awareness of how the body and mind tie together to comprise the human experience, a desire to utilize patient-centered care while promoting independence for individuals across the lifespan, and a drive to engage in scientific inquiry through research.
What initially influenced my decision to pursue a career in occupational therapy was the notion that treatment within this profession is holistic; essentially, it encompasses the mind and body whilst so many other health professions fail to do so. Occupational therapy practitioners ensure adequate therapeutic outcomes for their patients by naturally and artistically integrating all aspects of the human experience. Consequentially, the importance of this holistic approach struck me the most while studying human anatomy within a cadaver laboratory. This was a course in which I was engrossed in learning the intricate structures of every bone, muscle, and organ. Notwithstanding the rigors of the course itself, the most inspiring experience it offered me was the opportunity to hold a human brain in my hands for the first time. At that moment, I was able to tangibly appreciate this intricate piece of anatomy that I had learnt so much about within my social science classes. However, the brain was so much more than just pristine matter - it was…

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