The Feminization Of Teaching And Class Discussion Essay

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abriella Visaggio
EDFD 221 Midterm Exam

Essay Questions:

1. Today, many Americans believe that teaching is a feminized profession—but they don’t understand what thus means or how this happened. Drawing on the assigned readings and class discussion, write an essay that explains the historical development of the feminization of teaching to a general audience. Your essay should do three things: 1. Explain how, when, and why teaching became feminized in America. 2. Describe some of the key changes in the feminization of teaching over time, including all changes in the progressive era. 3. Define what the repercussions are today that teaching is feminized professions. Before the arising of schools and need for teachers, women didn’t a place in the work field at all. Women were expected to stay home, cook, clean, and care for the children. The men were seen as the providers for the family, where they would go to work everyday and make a salary. The boom of the commons schools demanding many number of educators, women. It was known that women were better suited for teaching in the common schools than the men. Catherine Beecher was a hardworking advocate for increasing women’s opportunities during this time. She wanted women to be educated and for them to become teachers. “Beecher convinced women, their families, and local and state governments that women’s maternal natures and their willingness to work at lower salaries made them ideal candidates for this fast- growing…

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