The Feminist Movement: Changing Culture

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Feminist When I log onto my Twitter account, my timeline is quickly plagued with quotes such as “Twitter feminist are just bitter lonely women, who loathe life and men”. Statements like these led me to believe that people are confused on what feminism is, and what feminism does for our culture. A feminist is a person, male or female, who believes in the political, social, and economic equality of the sexes. I assume that the hatred displayed for women, who believes in equality of the sexes, is because some people are having a difficult time adjusting to the changing climate of the relationship between men and women. The feminist movement, acting as a counter to patriarchal views, is changing the culture by challenging the political, social, and economic structures of the sexes. The feminist movement is changing the culture by challenging the political structure of our nation. It is not uncommon to hear …show more content…
The increased entry of women in the workplace has affected gender roles and the division of work in the household. This shift has led to the increase in men’s contribution in child care and domestic work, and it is becoming more common to see men take on the role as “house husband”. The movement is not only affecting the heterosexual relationship, but also vastly providing changes in religion also. In liberal branches of Christianity women are now allowed to be ordained ministers and clergy, and in Reformed Conservative Judaism, women are now allowed to be ordained rabbis and cantors. Another issue the feminist movement is revolutionizing is the language and stereotypical gender roles in the culture. The culture is moving towards political correctness aiming to clarify the inclusion of all sexes, genders, races, and religions. This attitude towards inclusion will amplify women’s ambition for exceeding not only their mothers, but father’s

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