The Lust In The Wife Of Bath's Tale

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In The Wife of Bath’s Tale, the queen commands the knight to discover the answer of ‘What is it that women most desire?’, or he will die. The lust drives the knight lost then he takes away the virginity of a maid. Hence, he seeks the answer for one year. The knight searches for the answer far and wide. He gets many of the various answers: people said women are eager for wealth, glory, beauty, luxury outlook, sexuality, remarriage, adulation, the support of husband (for anything the wife wants to do) and trust between the couple. (Lines 930-954) However, the knight finds the answer which is told by a crone lastly. He said, “Wommen desiren to have sovereynetee /As wel over hir housbond as hir love /And for to been in maistrie hym above.”(Lines1044-1046) It means that the women want the sovereignty most, to master their husband or lover. Fortunately, the knight is off the hook as the queen is satisfied to his answer.
The wife of Bath owns the bright characteristic among other pilgrims. She is a symbol
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To the women, marriage seems as the obligation that they have to achieve in the entire life. The wife of Bath, who is still has the ability to fall in love with other men even she experienced marriages a few of times, the action of remarriage represents that she has faith to the people and her life with a positive mind, she believes the best is yet to come. Furthermore, the wife of Bath also gives a message in the tale: a woman who is ugly but loyal is more valuable than the beautiful but dishonest one. Eventually, the hag converts back into her original appearance which implies that, the wife possess a youthful mind and hopes to be a maid again. On the whole, the experience of the wife of Bath is a teaching of live for own self, be steadfast on own

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