The Female Body By Margaret Atwood Essay

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Female Body” “The Female Body” by Margaret Atwood is a satirical text about the perspective on the female body. Atwood is a female, who is constantly reminded about these standards, decided that she wanted to discuss the pressures put on women, especially involving our bodies. She wanted to show other women that these standards are unobtainable and we should stop trying to always fit into the box of perfection. Throughout history, the perspective of the female body hasn’t really changed. Women’s bodies have been perceived as sexual and that they should be covered. Also, women still have such high, as well as impossible, standards to maintain. “The Female Body” shows how women’s bodies are still criticized and how women are supposed to put in all this effort to be “perfect,” which is something I face even entering college. When Atwood wrote this, it was when people had begun to think things have changed about how we view a woman. However, they were wrong. Women are still being sexualized and have high standards that they must attain to. We still have this idea of the ‘ideal beauty,’ which most women can’t achieve, even though most of us spend extra time and money to try and reach that standard. The stereotype of ‘ideal beauty’ is light-skin, skinny, perfect, skinny body, perfect, straight hair, etc. Atwood states, “It gives a young girl a false notion of beauty” (Atwood, 491). When she states this, she is talking about how when women don’t fit into the box of perfection,…

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