The Feeling Within It All Goes With How Your Mind And Body Work From My Perspective

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I named the paper the feeling within because it all goes with how your mind and body work from my perspective. Starting from the beginning once we are born the world God, our surroundings, and our parents will shape us to the way we act as of today. God and my parents have blessed me with so many things that I am thankful for and the things that I don 't see. Life is made up of so many obstacles but it is up to us the make it though and how to get through it. For example how Adam and Eve made us the way we are because they ate the fruit that God told them not to eat, but they went ahead and did so that 's why we die and get sick and other things too.
Once I was born out of 7 million eggs I was already unique becoming the first boy out of my parents the second child in the family. Before being born my life and my personality was already shaping my mom was working at Superior while showing for me at big lots the place was getting robbed my mom told me they put a gun to her and was saying show the the safe. Then my mom got mad because they was young boys and didn 't read her name tag saying that she worked somewhere else. My live was alrighty shaping before I 'm even born, my mom was in labor for 7 days straight my mom always told me my grandmother on my dad side put a curse on her because she live in Texas and once she got to the hospital I was born right that minute. You would think that 's it no it was then while i was coming out my mom had to do a emergency c-section…

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