Essay On Feel Good Curriculum

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The Feel-Good Curriculum by Maureen Stout presents an idea that I find myself able to relate to, and curious to learn more about. As a future educator, I find myself pondering how it is that our educational system is needing to dumb down the education. I feel like we should want to build America up rather than make grades easy to get. I know when I was in high school I felt as though I was earning my grades. Now I realize that it was the teachers giving grades away, and I find myself asking why. I do not want to give students better grades so they can feel better about themselves. I picked this book to understand how and what it is that makes a teacher give away good grades. It is more important for students to learn how to comprehend the material than earn a good grade. Getting a lousy grade and learning from it is more useful to a …show more content…
I do not want to spend my days as an educator babysitting my students and giving them grades they do not deserve. It is unfair to give better grades to students because they feel sad. These students should not be receiving the same grade as a student who put a lot of time and effort into the assignments. Self-esteem should be something students experience after they have worked hard. I agree that the job of teaching self-esteem should not be held to the teachers. Instead, parents should help students with their self-esteem. Getting easy A’s is not something a student should be proud of, and it is not giving them the right kind of self-confidence for when they enter the real world. I feel that when they come to the real world when nothing is given to them, it will tear down any of the great self-esteem that they had while in secondary education. This is because the student believes his or her work ethic was good, but it was just their teachers holding their hands along the

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