The Feeding Tube Essay

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The Feeding Tube
1. Explain how the Patient Bill of Rights applies to this situation.
The patients of the country in the United States are provided a particular right. This right is called the Patient Bill of Rights (Kronenfeld, 2002). The Patient Bill of Rights has a significant impact and is essential for the people who are in the health care organization for the purpose of getting treatment properly and easily. In this scenario, June is suffering from anorexia and the doctors feel she may need to be placed on a feeding tube to save her life. June agreed to the procedure but became combative, disoriented and refused to have the tube place the evening before the procedure was to take place.
The patient bill of rights applies, as the
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There is no right or wrong choice for it is one’s choice. If one’s family or friends disagree about one’s desires, these important decisions are left to the physician by default. Consent must be voluntary, competent, and informed. Voluntary means that, when the patient gives consent, one is free from extreme duress and is not intoxicated or under the influence of medication and that the doctor has not coerced the patient into giving consent. Consent is also inferred when an adult or child is found unconscious, or when an emergency otherwise requires immediate treatment to prevent grave harm or death (“Patient Rights”, 2011).
2. Based on the facts given in the scenario, would the patient be considered competent to decide? Explain your answer.
June was competent to decide what type of care she would receive, until she became disoriented. However, unless she has an advanced directive to spell out what she wishes if she were to become incompetent, there is no way to force her to have the feeding tube placed.
In the Quinlan case, courts determined that family members may refuse life support on behalf of an incompetent patient (Merisel, 1991). New York and Missouri have strict requirements that surrogate decision makers’ present clear and convincing evidence that

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