The Federico Mora Hospital At Guatemala City Essay

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The Federico Mora Hospital in Guatemala City Schizophrenic murderers wonder unguarded through courtyards to mingle with young children and women. A seventeen-year-old woman is raped while sedated. Men and women lay alone in their own feces for hours. Patients die of malnutrition, dehydration, and because they are given the wrong medication. Horror stories such as these are common in Latin American psychiatric hospitals, especially in one specific hospital: The Federico Mora Hospital in Guatemala City. The hospital is located in the heart of the city and was established in 1972 (WikiGuate). Although the country has a population of fourteen million, the Federico Mora Hospital is the only public psychiatric hospital in Guatemala (Disability Rights International, 3). On BBC reporter, Chris Rogers describes the patients saying, “They look more like concentration camp prisoners than patients” (3). The Federico Mora Hospital in Guatemala City has and is continuing to violate many human rights of their patients, even to the point of death. Through petitions and public awareness, the Guatemalan government must be forced to provide adequate care for their people by separating children and adults, providing immediate attention, adequate food, and clean water for the patients. Then, they must end the use of isolation cells and start the use of community-based facilities using Chile’s model. The large facility of The Federico Mora Hospital is intended for only adults, but…

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