The Federal Bureaucracy And Public Safety Programs And Regulating The Economy

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The federal bureaucracy is laws implementing by Congress and the President that need to be addressed to ensure proper management and enforcement of legislation. The bureaucracy controls everything from collecting tax revenue, to monitoring public safety programs and regulating the economy. Their are advantages to haveing a national policy Bureaucrats need congressional support and these report are made to the general public. A policy is used by a government, business or political party in order to influence or help determine the course of action that an organization takes in certain situations. Businesses usually have multiple policies, including a workplace policy and a customer policy. .The federal bureaucracy performs three primary tasks in government: implementation, administration, and regulation. When Congress passes a law, it sets down guidelines to carry out the new policies. Actually putting these policies into practice is known as implementation.
Everybody in the bureaucracy works to administer the law. For the most part, the executive branch manages the federal bureaucracy. Although the executive branch controls the majority of the federal bureaucracy, the legislative and judiciary branches also have some influence. Congress, for example, controls the Library of Congress, the Congressional Research Service, and the Government Accountability Office, among other bureaucracies. Through its power of oversight, Congress also monitors the federal bureaucracy to…

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