The Fears Of The President 's Death Essay

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The concerns of an eight year old are as drastically different from those of an eighteen year old as are the worries of a twenty eight year old are from those of a thirty eight year old; when imagining a person ten years superior to oneself, they often seem detached and un-relatable. In the words of every petulant child to their parent, “you just don’t get it.” When it boils down to it, are the generations really that different? One woman raised conservatively in the 1950s saw unbelievable progress is technology and societal norms, she also lived in fear of nuclear war and saw the president’s death; now she believes our world needs better representation and more honesty in our politicians and legislature. Living in a conservative family in a liberal state in the 1960s, a young man saw the effect poor international relations had on the country and the change Ronald Reagan brought into the White House, he went on to serve our country in the Air Force and witness the violence humans can possess; today, he believes our government needs to be scaled back, properly budgeted, and remain out of the private lives of its citizens. The youngest interviewee lived in a small, conservative town in the 1970s and heard about the horrors of plane bombers and Middle Eastern war while being taught love and acceptance of all beings; ideally, she’s like to see politicians held accountable and equally representing their constituency. When examining the results of a conservative political…

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