Conservative In Today's Society

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Conservative in modern times has become merely an antonym to the word “liberal”. The word has a one-sided label but embodies several different dimensions that most people fail to recognize. The word needs to be changed in order to be more accompanying of its non-political usage that is often overlooked. Conservative is used to describe a wide variety of people with such variation in cultural dynamics. Although, the word conservative has remained relatively selective to politics in today’s society, the world outside of politics needs to understand its usage more widely and proficiently in order to make the definition of “conservative” far more meaningful and exciting than its analytical and stereotypical definition in the present.
As defined
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Orthodox means conforming to what is generally accepted as true. Likewise, most conservatives conform to what is truly accepted in their own religious beliefs. Traditional describes something that is continuously observed. They stay true to things like the institution of marriage, abstinence and sex, and conceiving in wedlock. Conventional follows traditional norms and themes. Their norms are regularly attending church, the family as a sacred unit, and practicing their religion with politics. Moderate is average is amount or degree. They steer clear of leftist thinking as it is always wrong. These words are similar, but some words are not as similar as some may …show more content…
Right-wing describes the reactionary side of a political system. Yes, a conservative may be the reactionary side, but a conservative can also hold liberal views and support things like gay marriage. Obstinate describes someone who is very difficult to change or overcome. Not all conservatives are stubborn, as some approve of progressive values and believe in change. Parochial means having a limited outlook or narrow scope. It feels like most conservatives can only see one color, but some have open minds and try new things. Dogmatic means supporting principles as they only are true. Conservatives are commonly thought to always think they are right, but some know that they can also be wrong. These words embody extreme definitions of the word and are barely identifiable with conservative.
These examples show misuse of the word conservative. Myopic, rich, and stubborn are all words that bring a negative connotation to the word conservative. These common misuses of conservative show why the definition continues to be misunderstood. These words bring a negative connotation to the word conservative. On the other hand, positive words often better represent the connotation of conservative. Steadfast, moral, prudent are all words that brings a positive connotation to the word conservative

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