Do Children Just Take Their Parents ' Political Beliefs Essay

1641 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
In her article, “Do Children Just Take Their Parents ' Political Beliefs? It 's Not That Simple,” Erika Patterson states “Many parents try to instruct their children and impart their views.” How do parents influence their children’s political mind? In the realm of science, parents are responsible for passing on political genes to their children. Parents either make their children a carbon copy of themselves or make them who they wish they were. Most of the time, they limit their children’s experiences based on their own political views. Once parents alienate their children’s unique or different view, they are also distorting what could become a different and original personality. As they teach their children to think the same way they did, they pass their own political views on and on in upcoming generations. This is unconscious influence. However, sometimes parents do it on purpose because of personal stubborn traits.
As parents influence their children’s political mind, some scientific factors, including chromosomes and genes, play a major role. Science is all about building knowledge through testable explanations, in this case: the explanation of chromosomes and genes. There are 46 chromosomes total, 23 pairs. Each member of a pair is inherited from each parent. The same genetic information is passed on and on to all new cells in the developing child, as the chromosomes duplicate themselves. The child may look more like one parent than the other, but the same traits…

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