The Father Of American Public Schools Essay

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In the mid 1800s, the desire for public education began to strive, as many American children were not given the oppurtunity to attend public school and learn vital information that would be crucial to their adulthood. Horace Mann, also known as “the father of American public schools,” led this movement for public education. Mann was born in 1796 and grew up with his poor family in Franklin, Massachusettes. Throughout his childhood, Mann would go to the Franklin public library, with the few resources it had, to educated himself as he did not attend public school.Eventually, Mann was able to attend college and then pursue his successful career in law. Following his successes, Mann was given the oppurtunity to serve as the Senate of Massachusettes in 1835 through 1837. While having a seat in the Senate, he was one of the few congressmen who believed that public and equal education was just as important as infustructure, but many disagreed After his term ended in 1837, Massachusettes created it’s first Board of Education, with Mann at the helm. Before his term as Secretary of the Massachusettes Board of Education, public schools were virtually unexistant, in which only the wealthy children were educated through homeschooling or attending private college. These past education standards was for young men to understand John Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding, as well as McGuffey’s Reader , which focused on teaching boys to be moral, rationally-thinking, and reflective…

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