The Family Of The United States Essay

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The family consists of one adult, Ms. Dena Smith, 30 years old Caucasian female and 2 children, Brandan Boston, 10 years old male biracial child and Kalia Boston, 6 years old female biracial child. The family has occupied the current residence since Jan 2016. The family reports that they reside in a somehow safe neighborhood where they can allow the children to play outside but they need supervision. Before moving to the current residence (subsidized housing), the family lived at Mill (subsidized housing) for 3 ½ years (Rent: $108 per month) and with her parents. The reason for moving out of her parents’ house was to have her own apartment although she did not have a positive relationship with her parents, per Ms. Smith’s report. The current apartment is threatened by the non-payment of the rent. Ms. Smith has received a 14-day notice to vacate the house and has to pay a minimum of $209 or the full rent of $270 by the end of Oct 26th to continue living at the current residence. Ms. Smith reports having difficulty meeting her financial obligations due to being unemployed at present. Reportedly, Ms. Smith lost her job at OURBAN due to her inability to keep up with stipulations of DUI. She is attending two IOP classes per week on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 6-8 pm, and one class is being counted towards her DUI. Additionally, she is attending one parenting class per week on Thursday and meet her counselor once per week on Wednesday at Longturn LCC. She is also required to attend…

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