The Family Assessment Tool For Multiple Cultural Backgrounds That A Social Worker

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Introduction The family assessment is developed to assist the social worker in cultivating a therapeutic relationship approach to care. The use of the assessment tool provides an informative approach of care for multiple cultural backgrounds that a social worker may come into contact with while providing services. Clark, 2002 states, “A succinct knowledge of trans-cultural or multicultural setting within the healthcare realms is helpful in bolstering efforts towards attaining the primary care role of therapy. Thus, while providing services in the increasingly multicultural settings, social workers should try to refocus on providing culturally competent care, fully customized in suiting the target patient’s own traditions, cultural values, lifestyle, practices, and beliefs” (Clark, 2002). This paper was written for the social worker to gain insights on the Thorpe family and to assess Veronica Thorpe in order to help her through her solution-focused sessions to overcome her substance abuse issues and become successful.
The social worker utilized a family assessment tool that is designed with questions seeking answers to details about the client’s familial relations, cultural background, social supports to create an ecologicalmap of the client’s environment. The social worker created the ecomap to begin the planning, and implementation of customized care, by offering intervention measures that are not only suitable on cultural fronts on the client, but also…

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