The Fall Of The Western Roman Empire Essay

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Ancient Rome was one of the greatest empires in the entire world. However, 476 CE marks the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Many issues caused this to occur. For example, apathetic citizens spread a negative vibe. Also, the economy began to struggle economy upon halted expansion. These are only two of the many problems that the Western Roman Empire faced, and this proved that no matter how great an empire, issues can lead to its decline. Much of Rome 's population was made up of serfs. When the serfs were not able to contribute much to society, they found little value in Rome. Therefore, many simply did not care about Rome. This apathetic nature was not beneficial, and spread throughout Rome, creating a negative environment for all (Document 1). In addition, Rome was an extremely large empire. Rome was doing very well and expanding. However, at a certain point, Rome 's size caused some issues. First of all, it was nearly impossible to communicate across the enormity of Rome. Also, there were not unlimited resources, and it was difficult to spare them for the whole empire. Finally, the military was a huge issue, as it was not easy. These three problems, along with others, amplify the negatives of having an enormous empire (Andrews, 2014). Plagues also impacted the fall of Rome. It is likely that the Plague of Cyprian occurred during the third century, and impacted much of the Roman Empire. In addition, there has been bacteria called Yersinia pestis found…

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