The Fall And Resurrection Of Hemp Essay

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Summary Source 1
“The Fall and Resurrection of Hemp” the article written by Karin Deneke, is about background and history of uses of hemp. It describes differences between industrial hemp and marijuana. Industrial hemp isn’t as potent as a hallucinogenic substance as marijuana, yet both were declared illegal in 1937. The Author suggests that business at the time felt threatened by its many uses. The Article details the many uses of hemp such as building materials, fuel, and paper products.
In the article “The Fall and Resurrection of Hemp” the authors intended audience are voters and adults to inform them on uses of hemp and its difference from marijuana. To influence the intended audience, the author uses rhetorical strategies of ethos and logos. The evidence behind the ethos strategy that the author uses would be from the George Washington reference. Evidence showing behind the logos strategy are all the facts and statistic on growing of industrial hemp. For example, when the author was describing the difference between hemp and marijuana. Hemp has 0.3 percent of THC as for Marijuana is was a THC component of 5 to 30 percent more. The Author is objective in this article, Deneke doesn’t show any insight on any thoughts, its more stating facts and showing the benefits of hemp and the differences between Hemp and Marijuana.
The article “The Fall and Resurrection of Hemp” will fit into my research paper because it has a lot of facts and statistic on…

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