The Fairy Tale Of Cinderella Essay

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After reading Cinderella, I noticed that the fairy tale of Cinderella is not what you’d consider an ‘average’ fairy tale. There is no quest, no difficult task to complete, and no real adventure; however, I think it is filled with examples of social roles and class conflict. The plot of Cinderella is based around the separation of classes, in that it is about how an oppressed family servant marries a prince. Social roles are evident in the story from the author’s detailed description of each character, and defined gender roles played in their society. Depicted in the story of Cinderella and often in modern society, it is evident that girls are made to battle for approval through their appearance and men hold power over choosing which girl to marry. The fairy tale of Cinderella is very controversial that has been scrutinized by modern day society for its teaching of poor values to children; but nevertheless, I do think it is a great story to study from a sociological perspective. I chose to provide a main focus on the neglectful treatment and enslavement Cinderella faced due to her evil stepmother by addressing the following five main sociological concepts shown in the story: exploitation, role, role conflict, achieved status, and status inconsistency. The Cinderella story begins with a daughter [Cinderella] who was living happy with her mother and father, up until her mother dies. Eventually Cinderella’s father, who was very wealthy, remarried to an evil woman with two evil…

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