How Did The Founding Fathers Lead To The American Revolution

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The Founding Fathers, when they declared the independence of the Americas, were motivated by personal desires. In order to get the power over the colonies, they manipulated the colonist into believing that the British were to blame, and not the wealthy in America. The founding fathers did this to gain the power that Britain had over the colonies. Some historians however argue that the colonists liberties were violated and that subsequently lead to the colonist revolt. But as evidence shows, the colonists were swayed by the founding fathers who were looked upon as leadership. The Leaders of the American Revolution, persuaded the everyday people to think that by overthrowing the British rule they would gain back the rights that they had been limited in the Americas.
The founding fathers were looked upon as the leaders of the revolution, but they fought for personal gains. The colonial people were united by the founding fathers, “the masses were soon united under capable leadership in what became as much a war against the colonial aristocracy and a war for independence.” The aristocracy, was the fight for them to become in power, and take over that of the British. Throughout, the founding fathers used the colonists to gain for themselves power. In order to do
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By the manipulation of them by the founding fathers, by planting the ideas into the mind of the general population, were the colonists then able to revolt. The founding fathers uses the anger of the colonists to the British as a tool to descend and take the place of the crown 's rule. As Zinn writes, “American Revolution had little positive impact on the everyday lives of most Americans … most of the leaders of the revolution were members of the colonial elite which wished to preserve their wealth and power. ” The colonial elite, the founding fathers, were the ones who the revolution most

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