The Failure of Music Retailers Essay

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In contemporary society, there is no longer a need for a physical retailer to purchase music. Companies that distribute music for consumer usage such as HMV, Walmart, etc., within the past were the central core of supply for record allocation ; however, technological advances have altered consumer purchasing conventions. Recently, there has been a transition of music being purchased from the traditional hard copy format to purchasing music in a digital layout from the web. THESIS NEEDED: The outdated system of purchasing music has been replaced by web based digital music, which is easier to access, more portable and gives consumers more purchasing control than the long-established hard copy album format found in conventional stores. …show more content…
By being able to access the music whenever, people can purchase the web based digital music on their own time. (This has been repeated in this paragraph) The sole requirement of retrieving digital music is access to the internet, contrary to the traditional album structure. Being at home with an internet connection has become the new location for purchasing web based digital music. People no longer need to worry about the hours of operation for the physical stores to purchase the hard copy of the album. Since web based digital music is easier to access from the home and can be stored in a different way. Having the hard copy tends to just sit around after awhile and take up space when people get bored of listening to it. With web based digital music it does not take up that “extra” space and but simply remains on the computer. Using this storage system people can create different plays lists with different genres of songs so the music listened to does not get too repetitive. With these play lists people can put them onto a device that makes listening to web based digital music portable.

Web based digital music is more portable than a hard copy of a CD. This is because the devices used to listen to music have technologically advanced. The devices used to carry web based digital music around have become smaller and more portable. This has made CDs less desirable to

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