The Facade Of Welfare Essays

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Alyssa Eashoo
Geoff Bouvier
ENC 1102
The Facade of Welfare The common misconception that welfare users are abusing their income has been the biggest lie that has overcome the United States. Over half the tax payers would like to say that many welfare users are taking advantage of the system by having kids to gain benefits, or not looking for jobs so they can keep their unemployment income. But what the taxpayers fail to understand is that the government they love, is the sole reason that many welfare recipients are on this aid to begin with. The United States appears to be the perfect country for opportunity to everyone outside of it, but once you get in, you see the real deal. I don 't think that anyone realizes that one-third of the American population is on welfare as of August 2014. We all know that this isn 't a good thing, so why do people stay on it? It is because the government is creating a society where individuals or groups must become reliant on welfare. Created during a moment of national economic crisis, this welfare plan was to assist and supply financial aid to those who had little or no income. Evolving over time, the welfare system as we know it today consists mainly of unemployment benefits, health insurance, and food stamps- all created by our lovely government. Half of the taxpayers in the country say that the welfare system is easily flawed and milked by those in use of it. They get paid to stay at home. They get paid in cash so we don 't…

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