Essay on The Eyes Were Watching God

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Generally speaking, Their Eyes were Watching God is a novel about a black woman trying to find true love while being oppressed by a variety of factors including nature and class differences. Men, however, top the list; the main character, Janie, had a total of three husbands, two of which treated her poorly. The third husband, Tea Cake, was the exception. He helped Janie accomplish inner peace by allowing her to flourish into her own character. Janie would not have found Tea Cake, however, had she not realized her dream under her Grandmother’s pear tree. When Janie realizes her dream under the pear tree, Hurston establishes the need to chase dreams in order to obtain self-revelation.
When Janie lays under the pear tree, she realizes her lifelong dream of true love. Written in an ethereal tone, this scene illustrates Janie’s feelings about her realization. Finally figuring out the meaning of “marriage,” the pear tree gave Janie a “revelation” about what she wanted out of her life (Hurston, 11): true love which is equally felt between the two participants. Realizing her dream is a key component which allows her to follow the path to self revelation, so the moment under the pear tree is a crucial scene in Their Eyes were Watching God.
Because Tea Cake allowed Janie to develop her character, he is Janie’s envisioned dream. Recently stated was the fact that Janie’s first two husbands treated her poorly, which is evident in their taking control of her. Joseph Starks, her second…

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