The Extraordinary Science Of Addictive Junk Food Essay

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Does our mind tend to tell us when it is time to stop eating our favorite chips and dip or our favorite sweet treat? Or does our mind continue to push us to eat more. Causing us to become over weight and continue to eat fatting things that can cause increase blood pressure and high cholesterol and diabetes. This is something that everyone in America struggles with day in and day out. Making the right choice when it comes to meal time and not picking the cheaper sometimes more taster food we and most everyone call junk food. The definition of the word junk food is “food that is not good for your health because it contains high amounts of fat or sugar” ( Merriam Webster ). But can this thing called we all call food reach the point where it becomes addicting putting our bodies at risk. In the book They Say I Say there is an article that is called “The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food” written by none other than Micheal Moss. After looking the article up on the internet I come across a question and answer post that Mr. Moss did for Everyday Health. In it someone asked the question: Is Big Food to blame for our country’s obesity and diabetes epidemic? I do note we live in a country where is rate is the 34.9% of American adults are obese and 68.5% are overweight (state website). Moss then answered saying “that the food industry is at least partly accountable for obesity and other health ills. He pleaded with them to collectively get together and start doing…

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