The Extinction Of The Wolves Essay

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In 1960, the wolves who had covered most of the United States found themselves hunted; a hunt that would last until the 1960’s when they would be put on the endangered species list after their populations plummeted. The species of Gray wolf that was most common in the U.S. was almost hunted to extinction because complaints from ranchers and farmers that the wolf was a mindless, selfish, gutless killing machine. However, it is obvious through careful studying and monitoring that the wolves are a key part to their landscape, they keep down the deer and elk count and thus maintaining the balance in their ecosystem. Though it is true that their numbers have recovered slightly under the endangered species act, and due to this the population must be carefully controlled and monitored, they have not thrived to the extent they can survive a hunting season. The opening of the hunting season before the wolf had their time to prove they are no longer a threatened species it is due to the politics aligning against them and it will lead to them existing only in the books and minds of those alive today.
If you believe as many do that the plight of the wolves falls too far from your everyday life to bear any real thought or action I may point out the Gaia Model, based on James Lovelock’s theory, it is a systematic perspective on the codetermination of life and the physical conditions that make life possible. (Gaia Packet pg.3) The Gaia Model consists of an outer circle with three parts…

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