The Extinction Of The Whales Essay

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Collision with ships is a significant cause of mortality among endangered whales. The mortality rates of the whales increase with increasing ship speed. Due to increasing ship speed, the whales are sometimes not seen prior to collision or are seen too late to be avoided. Reducing the number of collisions depends on the reduction of ship speed as whale dense areas are approached. To demonstrate, researchers have assessed the trends of ship strikes and their effect on whale populations. Between three different scientific accounts, we receive an experience of how ship strikes occur, the effect they have on whale populations, and further research to mitigate ship strikes.
In the 1900s, the whales were an abundant population located in the Pacific Ocean. Yet the growth of the population has been hindered since then. The source of mortality of the blue whales is fatal collisions between the whales and approaching ships. Ship strikes are underestimated because struck whales may go unreported, misidentified or remain undetected since blue whale carcasses initially sink (Monnahan et al. 2014). In, Do ship strikes threaten the recovery of endangered eastern North Pacific blue whales?, researchers believe that ship strikes may be limiting the growth of whale population. Ships approach whales with high speeds which results in many deaths of the whales as well as destruction of the ships.
In this study, Monnahan and colleagues used a population dynamics model to estimate the current…

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