Essay on The Extinction Of The Whales

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Sea world manipulate their customers into thinking that they provide the best care to their orcas, although this has been proven wrong. In recent tests of sea world’s tanks in 2014 it was found that the chlorine solution was “many times stronger than household bleach” and other chemicals were found dissolved in the water where the whales are confined after being caught or bred, which makes their trainers’ eyes burn and forces the trainers to stay out of the water on occasions. This also affects the whales, it has been shown that the strong chlorine solution can cause the whales skin to slowly deteriorate.
The way in which Orcas are trained to perform are disgraceful. Sea world tell their customers that the ‘tricks’ that the whales perform are a natural occurrence and can often been seen in the wild, but these allegations are nothing but lies. The whales are being deprived of food for several days or even weeks if they do not perform the tricks that they are trained to do. This causes the animals to become hyper-aggressive. Orcas are also faced with forced breeding, incestuous inbreeding and are kept together in ways that make them aggressive so that they fight and inflict deep gashes on each other, and sea world does nothing about it.
There are many reports from visitors of sea world, saying that the whales are banging their heads against their tanks and grinding their teeth on the walls, floors and bars until their teeth break or are worn to the pulp, because of boredom,…

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