The Extinction Of The Human Population On Earth Essay

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In the last two hundred years, the earth has seen an astonishingly dramatic increase in the human population on earth. Humans have been on this planet for an estimated three million years and we have grown to a current population of approximately seven billion. Environmental scientists question the limits of the earth and how long many people it can accommodate before too much of a toll is taken and the population can no longer be sustained by the resources we have on earth. For thousands of years, the hunter and gatherer ways kept the population to a manageable ten million people. The growth of agriculture then allowed for communities to support more people and the population began to flourish. Birth rates were high but life expectancy was not nearly as long as it is today meaning the population was growing, but not at any extraordinary or unmanageable rate. Many children contracted diseases- that we can now combat or prevent- in their first months or years which kept population down. It was also not uncommon for mothers to die from birthing complications as well. Once the boom of the Industrial Revolution began, the population sky rocketed. It brought about higher living standards and widespread epidemics and famines started to disappear and also become less severe when they did occur. Science and technology has brought more awareness and prevention to deadly diseases and health care which has allowed us to make more conscious decisions that extend life span. For these…

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