Essay on The Export Of Leather And Leather Products

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Leather is one of the most widely traded commodities in the world. The leather industry makes a significant contribution in the world’s economy, with an estimated global trade value of approximately US$100 billion per year. The Indian leather Industry holds a vital position in the Indian economy in view of its substantial export earnings, employment generation and growth. The industry uses primarily indigenous natural resources with little dependence on imported resources. There has been an increased emphasis on its planned development, aimed at optimum utilization of available raw material for maximizing the returns particularly from exports. The export of leather and leather products has increased manifold over the past decades. The leather industry has become a focus industry in area of export thrust with footwear section being identified as an area of extreme focus.
The government had identified the Leather Sector as a Focus sector in its Foreign Trade Policy 2004-2009 in view of its immense potential future export growth prospects and employment generation. In recent years the government has stepped in with a number of policy initiatives to promote technological upgradation. Moreover, this industry has undergone radical structural transformation from merely exporting raw materials and semi-finished materials in 1960’s to exporting value added finished product from 1990’s onwards. The post liberalization era has opened up a plethora of opportunities for the Indian…

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