The Explosion Of An American Superpower Essay

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The Explosion of an American Superpower At the end of the 19 century, America was becoming a formidable superpower, she had reached the limits of her national frontier, and had achieved the manifest destiny. As any up and coming superpower would do, she turned her interests to the international scale. The sinking of the USS Maine on February 15th 1898, which killed 260 U.S Navy servicemen. This attack on American servicemen gave America the excuse it needed to get involved in a foreign war, and set the precedent for decades of American Foreign Policy. As the 19th century was drawing to a close, so was the expansion west, and the western frontier. The mass migrations westward slowed and America ran out of room to grow. The acquirement of land was seen as a call of duty to the American people, who for so long had believed in the ideal of Manifest Destiny. However, when Manifest Destiny was achieved and the nation of America Stretched from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Rather than be content with the ideals of the original Manifest Destiny, America turned its attention to surrounding countries and their expansion opportunities. The expansion of the United States was to continue even when the boundaries of the country reached their geographical limits. As the frontiers drew to a close, businessmen in America looked abroad in hopes of finding a new frontier in which they could profit off. Late in the 19th century, America was drooling over Cuba, it was rich in sugar and…

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