The Expansion Of The 19th Century Essay example

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The latter half of the nineteenth century was an era of unprecedented rapid expansion for European civilization. This growth was the result of multiple factors originating from within Europe— such as the Industrial Revolution, and the development of the highly organized nature of European nation-states— but had consequences that resonated far outside European borders (Jones). The expansion of European industry and economy created an inter-European power struggle, and “one way to demonstrate national preeminence was through the acquisition of territories around the world” (Iweriebor). This acquisition of territories included Africa, and by the start of the twentieth century, most of the African continent had been conquered by only a handful of European nations; “three centuries of the slave trade had taught Europeans that Africans were inferior…”, which, added on to the fact that most Europeans viewed their culture and institutions as superior, “helped to justify imperialism in the minds of many Europeans” (Jones). The nation of France was a major player during the age of imperialism. Behind Great Britain, France was the second largest imperial power of the time, but it’s motivation for colonialism differed from the English in a few ways. Like most of imperialist Europe, Britain’s main motivation for colonialism was economic. France was, of course, interested in the economic benefits that imperialism could bring, considering the nation had debts to repay, as well as a recent…

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