The Expansion Diffusion Of Islam Essay

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Live for this life as though you live in it forever and live for the life to come as though you die tomorrow, Amr ibn al As. Islam was first introduced to Egypt when Arab forces invaded under the commands of Amr ibn al As, in 640 C.E. After 647 C.E. all of Egypt was under Islamic rule. Arabic language had replaced Coptic as a primary spoken language, after the fact Coptic Christians became the minority. After the fact the Ottoman Empire played a huge role in expanding the Islam religion across Egypt. Eventually Islam spread further than Egypt and spread across much of the Northern part of Africa. The religion of Islam was spread through Egypt, through Expansion diffusion, and had a great impact on Egypt socially and politically throughout 640 A.D. to present day Egypt.
Islam was spread through Egypt in many different ways, the expansion diffusion of the Islam religion helped it diffuse through the vast area of Egypt within 7 years. As mentioned earlier, Arab forces were instructed by prophet Amr ibn al As to invade Egypt. The interaction of the Arabs invading Egypt is a great example of contagious diffusion. By the time of 641 A.D. Amr ibn al As and the rest of the Arab army conquered the city of Cairo. After the surrender of the city Alexandria, Egypt was completely under Islamic rule.
. Unfortunately for the arabs there were some conditions/people that greatly hindered the spread of Islam. The Coptic Christians were a large hindrance to the diffusion of Islam, making them…

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