The Existence Of The Natural World Essay

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Uncertainty about the workings of the natural world has driven people for centuries into making new discoveries and theories about the way things work. Doubt from other people has driven people to challenge these discoveries and either prove them wrong and continue the search for the right answers, or ultimately, to prove them right when more experiments fail to prove the theory wrong. It seems humans in general hold an insatiable curiosity about the way things work and how things are but want straight cut answers and seem to want to rely on science for that. Too many people view science as certain and theories as absolutely correct, while in reality nothing, even in science, is one hundred percent certain. These uncertainties are easily seen on a small scale in both the small and large scale in science, but daily life is affected greatly by chance and uncertainty too.
There are still many things in science that are not understood. The building blocks of the universe themselves are, for the majority, merely a field of probability. It is impossible to pinpoint exactly where an electron is, or even tell if it currently resides within its predicted field of probability. At times, it is even impossible to tell whether a particle is even a particle. Observations of an end result pattern of where a particle makes contact with a background after moving through spaces in an obstacle indicate that what was thought to be particle behaves like a wave which would lead people to believe…

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