The Existence Of God And Evil Essay

1157 Words Oct 26th, 2015 null Page
As you look about the world, it is easy to see that evil surrounds us in abundance. From the simple idea of pain to agonizing despair, evil is in all corners of life that we face every day. When we lose something or someone close to us, many people’s initial thoughts are, “Why God?” They question how God could allow for something so awful to occur, and cause such misery. Many may ask, if God is an all-powerful, all-knowing, and perfectly moral being, why has he allowed for evil to wander freely about this world? And is the unprovable existence of God possible when there is clear proof of evil? Many philosophers claim that there is an inconsistency in the belief of God and evil, but theists claim that they can co-exist side-by-side.
The primary inconsistency in this argument is why does evil exist in the first place? There are various types of evils around us, from natural evils, such as death and disease, to immoral evils, in which one inflicts pain or misery upon another. Theists might respond that evils are the product of an evil being, such as demons or the devil. However, this devil, or in Christianity “Lucifer,” was originally a beautiful creation of God: one of the highest ranking angels in heaven. After becoming proud and jealous, he was cast out of heaven and exiled to hell with his disciples. While theists say that he is the primary cause of all misery and suffering, one must remember that he was the creation of God, and if God is omniscient, he would have known…

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