The Design Argument Essay: Does God Exist?

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It has been an age old debate on whether God exists. Throughout the world there are different beliefs and viewpoints on the topic of the existence of a being that is all-powerful, all knowing, and all-loving. There are the “Theists” those who believe in God and there are “atheists” those who do not believe in God. Along with those there is people who are known as “Agnostic” who have the belief that the existence of God is unknown and unknowable. As there is no physical evidence of the existence of God references that I will make will be based off of “The Design Argument” by Neil Manson, as well as a common objection to said argument and a way to refute that said counter to the subject, because I strongly believe that God does in fact exist …show more content…
The objection is that even if living organisms are the product of intelligent design, it does not prove the existence of God. Hume sees that there is so much wrong in the world to the extent that there is no way a God as described to be almighty could create something that is so far from his description. As a matter of fact this makes it seem as though the universe more than likely was created by an imperfect being or even a committee of beings. This objection is tied to the idea of wondering why the world as it is has so much suffering; Along with the fact that if God was this all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving being why he would put living organisms through so much suffering and still have people who believe he is the creator. Hume also argues that premise two is false. It can be found improbable that just because living organisms have design-like properties that they are part of an intelligent design. Manson states in the design argument that there is a more logical reason to account for the design-like properties of living organisms. He cites Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution as a plausible explanation for these having those properties and not being a creation of intelligent design just an adaptability process over billions of years. Looking at the objections made there is still room to argue for the existence of

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