The Excerpt Of A Room Of One's Own

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Student's Name Instructor's Name Course Date The Excerpt of, "A Room of One's Own" Introduction A Room of One's Own is an essay by Virginia Woolf. The title refers to the author's need for poetic license and the personal liberty to create art. The perception of the piece is in feminist point of view. The expression of this view is basing on the arguments for literal space for women writers within a literary tradition dominated by patriarchy. The theme of women access to education and building a history of women writers, and lesbianism is dominating in the essay. The lessons in the excerpt The excerpt teaches the importance of fiction character in literature to convey a message to the world at large. In excerpt, the narrator is a fictionalized character, and she remains vague about her real identity. Therefore, this lack of identity for the …show more content…
Unlike men, they are often denied the time and the space to produce creative works. Instead, the deprivation of rooms of their own, means there is little possibility for women to rectify the situation. It is also evident that women have a place in the literary world to bring change to the status quo. For example, Woolf's assertion was revolutionary at the time. It recast the accomplishments of women in a new and far more favorable light, and it forced humanity to realize the extreme reality of their society.

The field of play in the literature world is unequal between men and women. The lack of impressive literary works by women does not prove the fact that they are less capable than men are. Moreover, given the circumstances of the treatment of women, there is no way they could have rivaled men in literary achievements. She narrates a story of twin sister of Shakespeare, who is a genius as the brother. However, her talent inspires many in different end. The excerpt reveals that men lack confidence compared to

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