The Evolutionary Personality Theory And The Cabbage Patch Dolls

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The Evolutionary Personality Theory is the next theory. Many people suffer from social anxiety, just like Kim. This theory suggests that it may be hereditary and our ancestors had social anxiety as well. It makes sense that Kim has anxiety, as her mother and maternal grandmother both had anxiety. Anxiety can come from many different things. For Kim, she can get anxiety from everyday things, such as housework or talking to a group of parents at school that she doesn’t know.
Natural Selection is the way species evolve over time. The traits and characteristics that can help us in challenges are the ones that are passed along. The way people react to anxiety, is one of those characteristics that have been passed down in Kim’s family as well
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The reinforcements that her parents used were different than the ones Kim had used on her own children. Different reinforcers work on different people. Kim was a big fan of the cabbage patch dolls as a child, so her parents used that to help them with her behavior. If Kim made a good grade on a test, then her parents would use positive reinforcement and take her to Cabbage Patch Land but if she got a bad note sent home from school then they would use negative punishment and she would have to give up her doll for a week. The Cabbage Patch Dolls worked as a good reinforcer for Kim, but wouldn’t have worked for her kids.
Evaluative Comparison.
Each of the three theories helped to show different sides of Kim that all come together to make her personality. Murray focused on showing the little traits and needs that help to shape her personality, while Skinner’s theory was able to show her parenting style and the mother side of her. The Evolutionary Personality Theory was able to show why Kim is the way she is today based on genetics and evolution.
Murray and the Evolutionary Theory both explain her anxiety. The Evolutionary Theory focuses on how it is passed down as a characteristic that will help for survival, whereas Murray’s theory focuses on how it can come from her high need in things such as achievement, order, and affiliation. Both theories focus on how anxiety in
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The Evolutionary Theory expands on that stating that the anxiety is there to help keep people from doing things that could cause them to be excluded from the group. They work together to help create a bigger picture of the anxiety that Kim experiences, though the Evolutionary Theory does a better job of explaining not only where it comes from, but also why it happens and continues to happen generation after generation.
Skinner’s theory does the best job of explaining her parenting style, though Murray could argue that her ability to help and have influence over her children comes from a need for power. Kim enjoys helping her kids and influencing their behavior to be the way that she deems most appropriate, which would be representative of a high need for power.
The Evolutionary Theory could also be used to explain why Kim uses operant conditioning as her parenting method. Her mother used the same method on her as a child and it showed results. Therefore, it influenced Kim into using the same method with her kids. If the method had not worked on Kim, she would have been less likely to try it on her children. She did have to change the reinforce she used to fit the likings of her

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