The Evolution Of Criminal Investigation Essay

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Criminal investigation has rapidly evolved over time. The evolution of criminal investigation began in eighteenth-century England, when massive changes were being unleashed. During the eighteenth century two events had where occurring, an agricultural revolution and an industrial revolution. Began a process of change that profoundly affected how police services were delivered and investigations conducted (Uk essays). In 1750, a guy name Henry Fielding who was the magistrate in Westminster, who is also credited for having England’s first police force (Investigative Trends). Mr. Fielding established a small group of volunteer, non-uniformed homeowners to "take thieves." Known as the "Bow Street Runners," as detectives do now they also hurried to the scenes of reporting crimes and began investigations, thus becoming the first modern detective forces (uk essays). Then an 1829, in large measure to the efforts of Sir Robert Peel, Parliament passed the Metropolitan Police Act, which created a metropolitan police force for London. Police headquarters became known as “Scotland Yard,” because the building formerly had housed Scottish royalty. Police constables were referred to as “Bobbies,”( The Evolution of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science). The success of Peel 's reform in England did not go unnoticed in the United States. A major private detective agency of the nineteenth-century was formed by Allan Pinkerton in 1819-1884. As early…

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