The Evolution Of American Education Policy Essay

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The quality of an educational experience is affected by teachers, curriculums, resources, funding, and largely by policy and evolution of policies regarding education throughout recent American history. Through these factors, access to a quality education is barred off from those living in economically disadvantaged settings, generally consisting of racial minority populations. Education policies have granted limited success in strengthening the quality of early childhood education, and in addition, the improvements to the education system disproportionately affect students as it pertains to race, socioeconomic status, nation of origin, and other oppressed identities. The lack of success with Education Policy has created a demand for equalizing practices for underprivileged and minority communities, such as social work.
Theme A- The Evolution of American Education Policy: Post-slavery, the United States entered a period in which every aspect of society was motivated by racially charged biases, especially education. The legislation passed in those years closely reflected the sentiment the all White legislatures that made up every government, local, state, and federal. The most relevant example being the Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) decision which legalized the segregation of schools (CITE TEXTBOOK), as long as the schools were equivalent in quality. However, what the Supreme Court Justices failed to realized about the racially tense United States was that separate could never…

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