Racial Equality In Education: The Brown Vs. Board Of Education

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The Brown vs. Board of Education case of 1954 laid the official foundation to the long construction of racial equality in public schools. The ruling officially stated that all public schools in the United States must be desegregated. Although the decision did not exactly combine black and white students evenly, it leaned the Constitution more on the side of racial equality. America has progressed tremendously in the 21st century, compared to the horrendous amount of racism that occurred in the previous century. Despite the desegregation of the education system, many minority students are still evaluated based upon their race, and limitations shackled around their success.
Teacher unions are an extreme detriment to the education system of today’s
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A mother of Chicago, Illinois was charged for falsifying records in order to send her daughter to a more educationally distinctive school. Some argue for her acquittal, as she had positive intentions to better her daughter’s education, but there were other paths to be explored in order for the child to be granted admission into the school. Other parties may argue that there was still a crime committed and the mother deserves no justice. Had the mother paired with authorities of administration, she might have been able to argue for her child’s admission due to their living arrangements. The poor neighborhood schools are not providing enough aid to build a stable foundation and prepare the students for a successful career in the very rigorous American economy. Programs like No Child Left Behind, and Common Core could’ve easily defended reasoning for the child’s admission into the Chicago school. “A change must be made in order to graduate more students of color and better prepare them for America’s very competitive workforce”, by linking together and operating as one unit working toward balancing the equality of African American students, …show more content…
With the “support of Bill and Melinda Gates, BLACK ENTERPRISE plans to obliterate this crisis, and better educate African American students to prepare them for America’s competitive workforce.” The teachers of high quality will be the ones grateful for the change, whereas the teachers who have failed to aid in the success of American students will be significantly doomed. As a result of the teacher unions, education has drifted away from being all about the children; after all, what is the actual purpose of schools? Business leaders must pair up with academic coordinators to dissect the problems of our education system, just as teachers must develop a relationship with parents to confirm that the student is following the right path that leads to a promising future as a minority in America. Parents must begin preparing children for school by speaking to them with more advanced intellect at an earlier age, in order to give the children a head start on a higher education. African Americans deserve equal opportunity to obtain a sufficient enough education just as all other races, except the blacks must work twice as hard to achieve the same amount of recognition. These efforts range from social issues, to racism within our justice system, and dwindle down to educational conflicts. In order to obtain racial equality for

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