The Ever Fixed Mark Essays

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The Ever-Fixed Mark

Sonnet 116 is one of Shakespeare’s most famous and beloved poems and for good reason too! Sonnet 116 is so well loved and is so famous because it deals with one of the most basic and fundamental parts of life, the part of life we all live for…love. Love is the main theme of sonnet 116, but not just any love, true love and it’s test of time. Shakespeare beautifully examines what make love true and unbreakable, what make it eternal.
This poem’s theme, and format, is not surprising for the era, Shakespeare was writing in a time where sonnets were an amazingly popular format. With their iambic pentameter and fourteen lines, they were and still are quite appealing poems. The theme, true love, is also a very appropriate subject for the time because during the Elizabethan era love was usually a very formal and arranged unification. Or it was a very scandalous and sensual thing. But here he examines a third version, true love. Here in sonnet 116 Shakespeare examines what true love actually is and how it goes beyond the ideas commonly accepted in his time. In fact, the reader can direct the sonnet by its quatrains to best understand how deep sonnet 116 really is.
In the first quatrain the speaker starts off the entire poem with the words “Let me not,” this seem like much more of a declarative statement, it show the seriousness right away, it is as if he or she is making a vouch. But vouching what? It continues, “to the marriage of true minds admit impediments.”…

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