The Events Of The Twentieth Century Essay

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Final Opportunity Session
I have chosen ten most important individuals, developments, and events of the twentieth century that has influenced the history of the United States. I have selected these because they exemplify the struggles of the United States economically and socially. They indicate people who are integral to great change in the United States, turning points of war, the creation of new technological developments, and beginnings of social and political movements. The combination of my choices show how Americans dealt with issues in their lives with the involvement of the government and what they did to create historical change in the twentieth century. The absence of these would not have transformed America to be where it is today.
The first important person that I believe shaped United States ' history in the twentieth century was Margaret Sanger during the Progressive Era. In 1915, she popularized the birth control movement and wanted to make it universally available for women. Sanger became a, "national celebrity" after she publicized birth control illegally. Many women visited her first birth control clinic in Brooklyn. I believe Sanger was one of the most influential people in history because she was the voice of many women and believed that, "No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother" (Page 633). She supported the idea that it is possible for women to make their own decisions with their bodies.…

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