The European Union Essay

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The European Union is one of the most idealistic and promising entities on the planet. It is a beacon of coming togetherness in order to promote an international wellness. However,such a political organisation will not exist without its flaws. The EUs flaws are in how its internal politics work. While the EU does try to promote a stronger Europe, sometimes this is at the cost of individual countries. The ‘one country one vote system’ that is present incentivises votes that promote the general welfare by targeting a single country. It is not uncommon for the EU to export a problem to a single member country, as what happened with immigration.

The more northern European countries, not bordering the Mediterranean, in an attempt to stem the flow of immigrants, passed the Dublin Regulation. Outwardly this was promoted as a way to, “avoid asylum shopping, that is, asylum seekers moving freely and choosing to submit an application… in a state where the asylum system appeared to be favourable” (Morgades-Gil, 2015). But the true reason for this bill was to trap immigrants in the country that they landed in, namely Italy. Most immigrants from Africa come via boat on the Mediterranean and Italy being the closest mainland European country to Africa makes it the de facto destination. This relegation of immigrants to a single country has overwhelmed the Italian immigration system creating a cycle of waiting for immigrants with no end in sight.

Both Italy and The United States have a…

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