Essay The Ethics Of The World

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With the discussion of the topic of religion the topic of ethics necessarily comes up at some point. An individual holds a certain religious belief, what does that look like in everyday life? What is right and wrong? Where do you base the decisions you make everyday? Is It possible to truly know these things? These are just a few examples of the kind of questions that arise through even a cursory study of the subject of ethics. This topic is vital to understanding the motivator behind many of the events in today’s world. If we were to examine ethics as a whole it would be a project that would cover volumes, even a complete summary of the ethics of Brazil is much too complicated to delve into deeply without hundreds of pages. By looking at the issues of Abortion and Homosexuality, ethical dilemmas that are familiar to the average American, it is possible to grasp a deeper understanding of what the ethical landscape of Brazil looks like. Further, it is possible to glean knowledge about the average Brazilian’s worldview and through this how they answer some of life’s most difficult questions.
Ethics is a concept that is commonly referenced, specifically in academic circles. However, very few people truly know what ethics truly is. Before a deeper exploration into Brazilian ethics can take place, the concept must be defined. Ethics is defined by Miriam-Webster as, “rules of behavior based on ideas of what is morally good and bad.” Basically, it is the actions that result from an…

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