The Ethics Of The Workplace Essay

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Everyman stated, “Pay attention to anyone who minimizes others concern work, sabotage another employee’s work or deliberately withholds crucial information from other employee’s”. They’re at high risk of being judged by the race of their skin and by that chance happening have to them beware of other people actions. The workplace could be a difficult place to be in when they are not comfortable with their peers around them. Most of the time it is not just their peers, it could also be their boss, their friends, or even themselves. There were a story about a man who was the boss of his own company but he hated African Americans. He was so bad towards them that he would treat them as if they were still in slavery working for him (a white man) and taking control of their lives because he knew that African Americans needed the money for their children and or family because they weren’t that many jobs they could get around that time. The same as Herbert have mentioned before “...Mr. Lundwall enthusiastically joined the general disparagement of black folks, who in certain Texaco circles, were variously known as porch monkeys, orangutan, black jelly beans”. Almost all general people think that they could change people’s minds about their color. It’s not like they could just leave their skin at home and put on another coat of color just to leave the house to be safe, but it seems like African Americans might be feeling like they should because they can’t be accepted unless they are…

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