The Ethics Of The Unethical Practice Of A Colleague Essay

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How might you proceed if you knew of the unethical practice of a colleague? According to Gerald Corey 2013 some of the steps I would take is Identify the problem or dilemma. Gather information that will shield light on the nature of the problem, therefore will help you decide whether the problem is mainly ethical, legal, professional, clinical, or more, identify the potential issues by doing this it will cause the problem to be evaluate the rights, responsibilities, and welfare of all those who are involved in the situation. I will look at the relevant ethics codes for general guidance on the matter, then I will consider whether my own values and ethics are consistent with or in conflict with the relevant guidelines. I will consider the applicable laws and regulations, and determine how they may have a bearing on an ethical dilemma. I will make sure I seek consultation from more than one source to obtain various perspective on the dilemma, and document in the client’s record what suggestions I received from this consultation. Foremost of all I will brainstorm various possible courses of action and I will continue discussing options with others professional, include the client in this process of considering options for action. I will make sure I enumerate the consequences of various decisions, and reflect on the implications of each course of the action for your client. Last I will decided on what appears to be the best possible course of action, once the…

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