Essay on The Ethics Of The Criminal Justice System

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Ethics Midterm
Question 1
Egoism can be defined as a person’s tendency to act or decide on moral issues solely based on an exaggerated concern of selfishness. In the criminal justice system, egoism can certainly lead to breaches of ethical behavior as an egoist person acts by simply overlooking anyone else’s needs. Some authorities who may be willing to act immorally and although they are aware that their actions are unethical, they would only want to satisfy their self interest needs as motivation for their behavior. The utilitarianism theory would be the opposite of the term egoism as this ethical standard focuses on actions that will positively affect most people, not only an individual. In other words, problems caused by egoism in the justice system could be the result of a lack in the practice of the three peacemaking principles which are connectedness, care and mindfulness (Braswell, McCarthy, & McCarthy, 1991). Ideally, authorities in the justice system and people who have power in general should care about making decisions that will impact upon people’s lives by showing compassion, and acknowledging that there will be a consequence to egoistic actions.
Question 2
The three branches of government in the United States are the Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Each branch has a specific role in the Federal Government as powers and responsibilities are divided to ensure citizens’ constitutional rights are protected. The Executive Branch is formed by the President,…

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